TapMyLife makes targeted use of localization technology to identify personnel and users in difficult situations, directing emergency teams to the point of interest.

In this sense, TapMyLife has developed a smartphone application that can be downloaded onto the devices supplied to personnel, with a panic button that allows an immediate alarm to be sent to a reference control room if a risk situation occurs or a need to assistance and the rapid intervention of emergency teams.

The main objectives of the solution are:

Make a "panic button" available for operators to request support in situations of risk or in need of assistance,
Correctly direct emergency crews to specific points of interest,
Manage the position of safety devices (fire extinguishers, hydrants, ...) on the plan.



An application for forwarding the distress call

  • Smartphone application downloadable on the devices supplied to the staff, which allows communication with the reference control room;
  • Panic-button functionality for emergency calls in the face of situations of risk or necessity;
  • Real-time display of the operator's last detected position on the floor plan, in full compliance with the GDPR legislation;
  • Indication of the position of the request for intervention with the telephone number of the operator who raises the alarm.


A complete and orderly management of the alarm event

  • Complete traceability of the alarm management process, with evidence of the individual process events (issue, reception, reading, acknowledgment and closing);
  • Possibility of triggering alarms on an accrual basis according to the operators responsible for each floor;
  • Ability to control and verify log information on interactivity;
  • Alarm events logged and interrogated by the platform for the reconstruction of events;
  • Possibility of analysis of average intervention times (also for exercises).


Total flexibility in forwarding notifications to operators

  • Visualization of the emergency call directly on the smartphone or pc of the security personnel, with visualization of the event also on the digital map of the structure;
  • Alarm notifications that can be forwarded via smartphone, tablet, PC and email and can be configured flexibly in relation to monitoring profiles, type of user and time slots;
  • Navigation with indication of the shortest route to reach the operator in difficulty, with possible variations to avoid risk situations;
  • Identification of the latest emergency crew tracking position for an overview of the positioning of all the crews;
  • Indication of any security procedures (with multiple choice from textual templates);
  • Communication via push messages with individual teams;
  • Multi-operator call management.


A tool for improving the management of emergency devices

  • Management console for indicating the position of the various emergency devices on the plan;
  • Possibility of displaying the devices also through an application supplied to the emergency teams, to speed up the activities of finding them;
  • Possibility of streamlining and speeding up device maintenance operations, directing operators towards the assets to be maintained;
  • Possibility of grouping devices by the same category.



Bluetooth Low Energy, iBeacon, Eddystone

Our solutions use BLE technology in iBeacon or Eddystone versions to ensure an efficient platform at a much lower cost than RFID technology.

Our research on this technology has been awarded with the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission, , with a study showing an 18 months return on investment simply by reducing the amount of time the staff has to spend looking for medical assets.

The technology can be implemented in healthcare environmentsdue to the absence of electromagnetic interferences with devices or existing infrastructures and due to the lower sensitivity compared to metallic and liquid materials.

The use of a commercial non-proprietary infrastructure allows to expand the possibilities of implementation and integration with existing or future solutions, as well as guarantee acost reduction in comparison to proprietary solutions such as most RFid projects.