ASL Roma 1



ASL Roma 1 is a public legal entity, born on 1 January 2016 as a result of the merger between ASL Roma A and ASL Roma E, which on 1 January 2015 incorporated the San Filippo Neri Hospital.

ASL Roma 1 is therefore the result of a transformation process, which makes it a three- company healthcare reality that implements the 2013-2015 operational programs of Lazio Region.


San Filippo Neri hospital

San Filippo Neri Hospital was built in the early 1940s and expanded in the 1960s; it’s located in the northern area of ​​Rome, between via Trionfale and via Cassia.


The departmental organizational model includes Medical Wards, Day Hospital, Day Surgery and Outpatient Departments and offers a complete diagnostic-therapeutic path (which overcomes the pre-existing division of activities into specialist functions).



In relation to the previous data, TapMyLife provided the San Filippo Neri Hospital with an infrastructure for the indoor navigation of San Paolo Hospital and San Carlo Borromeo Hospital in Milan, which allows visitors to use a smartphone application to access quickly and easily the public access areas of the facilitiy.


The solution is able to improve significantly the overall accessibility of the facility, addressing both independent users – who need a quick and reliable tool to reach services – as well as visual, motor and linguistic disabled people, who they can be guided with the use of vocal feedbacks on dedicated routes.


The possibility of displaying on the application all the information useful to the user (opening hours, telephone numbers, access methods and facilitated routes) allows a considerable decongestion of the users’ flow in favor of an improvement of the user experience.