AO Brotzu


The ARNAS G. Brotzu is represented by San Michele Hospital – a highly specialized national hospital (D.P.C.M. 08/04/93) – the Oncological Hospital A. Businco and the Microcitemico Pediatric Hospital – A. Cao (the latter two were added after July 1# 2015 as a consequence of the reorganization project of the regional Healthcare Service).



Providing citizens with high quality healthcare services, respect for dignity and privacy, a pleasant environment, courtesy and humanity, a humanization of the relationship between staff and users. These are the main tasks of the Brotzu Hospital.



S.Michele Hospital is a 13 floor facility provided with 10 different accesses for the public; every year around 20,000 surgeries are perfomed and 30,000 patients access its Emergency Department.

In order to fully understand the complexity level of these amounts, just consider that the the majority of the patients often has unstable psycho-physical conditions, both at pediatric and elderly age

Furthermore, the COVID emergency has reinforced the need to define safe and controlled access routes.



TapMyLife provided G.Brotzu Hospital with an application for user accessibility and navigation in indoor and outdoor areas

The solution is able to improve significantly the accessibility of the facility, addressing quickly both independent and disabled users to the services they need. The application can be used by visual, motor and linguistic disabled people, who can be guided with the use of vocal feedback on paths dedicated to their needs.

The navigation takes place directly from within the application through an optimized interface for pedestrian guidance; the interface relies also on elements related to the navigation within closed buildings (multi-floor management, peculiar elements on the floor plano, detection of route errors, etc.).

In addition to the position of the point of interest, the application has an information screen that reports all useful information for the users (opening hours, telephone numbers, access information, …).

This translates into a significant decongestion of the reception flow and a consistent improvement in the user experience.