The Azienda Sanitaria Locale CN2 manages the health services in the area of ​​Alba and Bra, which includes 76 municipalities.


The “Michele e Pietro Ferrero” hospital in Verduno, located on the border between Langhe and Roero on the southern bank of Tanaro river, houses all the hospital activities of ASL CN 2 Alba-Bra; it’s also the headquarter of San Lazzaro di Alba hospital Santo Spirito hospital’s wards.

The hospital stands out on the Italian and international scene for the services offered in the following specialties:

  • Anatomy and pathological histology
  • Hospital Pharmaceutical Assistance
  • Transfusion Centre
  • Health physics
  • Analysis laboratory
  • Radiodiagnostics


The bed places foreseen under regime are divided as follows:

274 ordinary hospitalization

17 day hospital

22 day surgery

27 week surgery


For a total of 340 normal beds and 92 exceptional beds (dialysis beds, OBI beds, armchairs for cancer patients, etc.).



TapMyLife provided “Michele e Pietro Ferrero” hospital in Verduno with a solution for the automatic detection of the surgical patient’s logistical times, not only within the complete flow of the operating block (filter, operating rooms, preparation rooms/recovery rooms) but also when leaving and returning to the ward.


The system is based on wired antennas and a bracelet worn by the patient and is integrated with Dedalus’ Software Ormaweb, which allows:

  • To have a measuring device that helps the optimization process by identifying opportunities and critical issues in the operating block;
  • To offer a management solution for logistic operations integrated with real processes and automatic communication systems.