Fondazione San Raffaele Giglio


Giglio di Cefalù Foundation represents one of the first models of public-private experimentation in Italy for the management of a public hospitals. It was established with the aim of transforming Giuseppe Giglio Hospital into a highly specialized center of excellence and research with oncological prevalence, thanks to the transfer of know-how competences from San Raffaele Hospital (Milan).
The Foundation was born also with the aim of reducing passive health mobility from Sicily to other regions.

Cefalù hospital

L’ospedale di Cefalù si trova a monte della cittadina normanna con vista unica sul mare e sull’antico borgo dove emergono le due torri del Duomo.

La Fondazione dispone di 256 posti letto suddivisi tra i reparti di: anestesia e rianimazione, medicina generale, chirurgia generale, vascolare e oncologica, cardiologia, ostetricia e ginecologia, urologia, oncologia, riabilitazione, neurologia, ortopedia, traumatologia, radiologia e diagnostica per immagini e radiologia interventistica, riabilitazione e lungodegenza. A cui si aggiungono i servizi di patologia clinica e microbiologia, e di psicologia clinica.


Cefalù hospital is located upstream of the Norman town of Cefalù, with a unique view of the sea and the ancient village where the two towers of the Cathedral emerge.

The Foundation is provided with 256 beds, divided among the following departments: anesthesia and resuscitation, general medicine, general surgery, vascular and oncology, cardiology, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, oncology, rehabilitation, neurology, orthopedics, traumatology, radiology and diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology, rehabilitation and long-term care. Last but not least, the Hospital is provided with services clinical pathology, microbiology clinical psychology services.



L’ospedale è dotato di cinque sale operatore con quatto posti letto di terapia intensiva,


Alcuni risultati:

  • 500 interventi chirurgici
  • 238 ricoveri per le varie branche
  • 24 mila accessi in Pronto Soccorso
  • 242 mila prestazioni ambulatoriali


The hospital has five operating rooms with four intensive care beds,


Some results:

  • 4,500 surgeries
  • 8,238 hospitalizations for the various branches
  • 24,000 accesses to the Emergency Department
  • 242,000 outpatient services


Rilevazione automatica del percorso chirurgico

TapMyLife provided Cefalù Hospital with a solution for the automatic detection of the surgical patient’s logistical times, not only within the complete flow of the operating block (filter, operating rooms, preparation rooms/recovery rooms) but also when leaving and returning to the ward.


The system is based on wired antennas and a bracelet worn by the patient and is integrated with Dedalus’ Software Ormaweb, which allows:

  • To have a measuring device that helps the optimization process by identifying opportunities and critical issues in the operating block;
  • To offer a management solution for logistic operations integrated with real processes and automatic communication systems.